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The Evolution of Arnold Farms

A Seed of Hope

The futuristic vision of Arnold Farms began with the President of the Arnold Center, Craig Varterian. Arnold Farms was started in a small fourteen-foot conference room. The first thing planted was a small variety of microgreens and herbs.  With proper temperature control, water, and growing conditions our seeds began to thrive. After successfully perfecting our growing process with our microgreens we built the beginnings of our full-fledged hydroponic system that would allow us to grow leafy greens.  
With the completion of the indoor hydroponic system, we can grow over 25,000 plants at one time in just a 3,000 sq ft. area. With an offering of over 15 varieties of microgreens, lettuces, herbs, and edible flowers the local midland community now benefits from getting fresh, local produce year-round. With over 8 employees currently employed and many more opportunities on the horizon, Arnold Farms looks to be one of the premier produce growers in Mid-Michigan.